A Popular Dave Bautista Comedy Is Finding New Life On Streaming

my spy

For whatever reason, any beefy action star with shredded abs or bulging biceps is seemingly obligated to star in at least one family-friendly comedy that forces them to either team up with or protect a precocious child from danger, and for the most part they tend to be terrible.

Arnold Schwarzegger’s Kindergarten Cop is a classic, but the less said about Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier, Dwayne Johnson’s Tooth Fairy, Hulk Hogan’s Mr. Nanny and John Cena’s Playing with Fire the better. Dave Bautista threw his hat into the ring with last year’s My Spy, ticking the mandatory item from his career to-do list.

my spy

It’s inoffensive stuff, with the former WWE wrestler playing a CIA agent who ends up taking a 9 year-old girl under his wing, where they put their initial differences to one side in order to defeat a common threat as their hostility gradually thaws while the story progresses.

Derivative as that may be, My Spy proved popular enough following its release on Prime Video last summer to generate sequel talk, but we haven’t heard much about the proposed second installment since. The formulaic adventure continues to draw in a crowd, though, having somehow managed to become of the ten most-watched titles on HBO, as per FlixPatrol.