‘A Quiet Place’ spinoff gets an official title, confirmed to be a prequel

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Paramount has announced the official title for the next installment in the A Quiet Place franchise, revealing the Michael Sarnoski-directed spinoff to be a prequel.

Titled A Quiet Place: Day One, the movie is set to expand the lore of the monster-verse newcomer and unveil previously uncovered facets of John Krasinski’s spiraling horror creation. As the name suggests, Day One will probably revolve around a group of new characters as they navigate their falling society amid the alien invasion.

The first movie essentially started a few years down that line, showing what remains of humanity is scattered and the survivors are extremely low in number as the noise-sensitive monsters hunt them down in droves and bring us closer to extinction. The second movie, titled A Quiet Place Part II, once again followed the Abbott family after the death of their father Lee Abbott, played by John Krasinski, who also wrote and directed the first two movies.

Krasinski plays a small part in the sequel that actually mirrors what Day One is attempting to do. Lee and his family are enjoying a league baseball game when an asteroid bearing the strange aliens hits Earth. Moments after, the entire world is engulfed in chaos as Lee tries to take his family to safety.

Plot details about the upcoming prequel spinoff are currently being kept under wraps, but it’s been revealed that the story of Abbotts will actually continue in another sequel that Krasinski is currently working on.

A Quiet Place: Day One will tiptoe into theaters on Sep. 22, 2023.

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