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A resident of Elm Street would ‘leap’ at the chance to be haunted by Freddy Krueger again

Could a return be on the cards?

Heather Langenkamp wants a Nightmare on Elm Street return
Image: New Line Cinema

Horror’s ultimate final girl Heather Langenkamp has expressed her interest in returning to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, with an ecstatic plea.

Elm Street has been left abandoned for a decade by filmmakers, with Wes Craven’s death likely impeding any talk of a franchise reboot. Despite the fact, the ongoing trend of horror soft-reboots is catching up to Langenkamp as rival final girl Jamie Lee Curtis has seen a return to Halloween.

Interviewed by comicbook.com, Langenkamp said she had a never-say-never approach to a return, calling Nancy the “best role in the world”, and says she’d “leap” if given the chance for a Elm Street reunion.

“People always ask me that question. Of course I would never say no to an opportunity to play Nancy again and she’s the best role in the whole world. I mean it’s out there, but you know, it’s a very complicated thing putting a movie together and I’m kind of standing in the tall grass on the side of the road, like waiting to leap if given the chance.”

The franchise last enjoyed a film release in 2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street which saw Michael Bay of all people work as producer. Rejected universally, the series has remained on ice. Given how iconic Freddy Krueger is as a villain, and with Robert Englund continuing to star in horror films, it’s likely not remaining out for much longer.

Craven’s estate began talks with studios over the future of the franchise, with reports in 2021 suggesting an HBO Max series was in the works with Englund returning. The box office draw may sway it from a streaming release, again, as the franchise might be too big to avoid a proper release.

All of Freddy’s nightmares can be streamed on HBO Max and Peacock.

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