A Rubik’s Cube Movie, Seriously?


Apparently Hollywood is planning a movie on…wait for it….wait for it…hang on I’m still trying to breath…a movie on a Rubick’s Cube…Yes, you heard that right…er read it right, sorry I think my brain has finally fried from reading such stupidity.

Now, many of us were probably saying the same thing whenever it was announced that they were making a movie based off a certain pirate ride but come on. It’s a freaking Rubick’s Cube! I’m quite sure the Battleship movie could be beyond dumb but at least they’re trying something different with the story by making it an alien movie on the water.

I really can’t see how this can be made into something worth a damn. The last time a cube was scary was in Hellraiser or in the movie Cube. Someone is really gonna have to pull one hell of a story out of their ass to make me give a damn about this movie.


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  1. Joseph M Krushsays:

    In 1981, my late father and I invented the equilateral pyramid version of Rubik’s Cube. Unknown to us, so did somebody else, and he beat us to the patent office. Nevertheless, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is GOOD that at least some people get into intellectual activities, in a world that is contaminated with sports, sports, and more sports, on which more money is wasted than on any other comparatively useless thing. Joseph M. Krush, Ph. D., Surrey, BC, Canada.

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