A serial killer thriller stalks the Netflix most-watched list

silent hours

Modern audiences, and apparently Netflix subscribers in particular based on how often they chart on the film and television most-watched lists, have an almost-concerning affinity for anything and everything to do with serial killers.

Whether we’re talking podcasts, documentaries, dramatizations, fictionalized TV shows, feature films, or anything in between, it’s a subgenre that viewers will happily return to in perpetuity. That’s probably the driving force behind Silent Hours staking a place on the rankings as per FlixPatrol, because the project has an interesting history.

silent hours

Silent Hours initially premiered as a 165-minute feature film back in September 2015, before reappearing once again last year as a three-episode miniseries split into chapters called “The Silent Service”, “The Midnight Tide” and “Towards the Sea”, but given that it’s on the most-watched movies list, that’s how Netflix subscribers are enjoying it.

The plot follows James Weber Brown’s ex-Navy commander John Duval, who finds himself the prime suspect in a murder investigation after three women are found dead in the space of four days, with support coming from the likes of Hugh Bonneville and Indira Varma. A 17% user rating on Rotten Tomatoes is hardly encouraging, but history has shown content with a seriously stabby element can always be relied on to draw in a crowd.