A sexy crime drama flirts with the number one spot on Netflix

Image: Netflix

Nothing grabs the attention of moviegoing audiences quite like thrillers, add in an erotic level and you’re nearly guaranteed a hit. Add in Netflix‘s extreme stranglehold on streaming, and you’ve got a captive audience who is willing to watch almost anything put out there.

One of Netflix’s strengths in recent years has been its acquisition of distribution rights for foreign films and television series. Coming from Denmark is the crime thriller Loving Adults (Kærlighed for voksne) which is currently throwing its weight around on streaming and looking to claim the number one spot for itself.

After a couple sees their son enter remission following a battle with a long-term illness, their perfect marriage is suddenly in question as they drift further apart from each other. As the husband (Dar Salim) befriends a younger woman (Sus Wilkins) at a party, his wife (Sonja Richter) is fixated on doing everything she can to stop the young architect from ruining their marriage and leaving her in dire straits.

The anxiety and tension is palpable throughout the film as the descent into madness takes place. Will it all end in bloodshed, or could there be another way around the infidelity?

It has captivated streaming, with it sitting at #2 on Netflix worldwide within its first three days on streaming, steaming ahead of previous Netflix chart favorites like Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift, erotic drama The Next 365 Days, but still behind Kevin Hart’s latest comedy Me Time.

Entering the top 10 in 78 countries, it’s been a huge success already for Netflix, and has been the #1 movie in Denmark since it released on Aug. 27. Ratings-wise, it’s sitting at 6.4 on IMDb, and a 71 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.