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A silent but deadly thriller haunts from beyond the grave on Netflix

One of the best horror films in the last few years.

The Invisible Woman hits Netflix top ten
Image: Universal

The world of horror has changed so much since the early days of Universal’s monsters, but one of them made a surprise comeback in recent years, and is still looking to haunt audiences.

The Invisible Man stunned many in 2020 when it came out, and ended up breaking the streak of truly awful horror films from Universal’s attempted cinematic universe. Not only did it impress audiences at release, it’s now beginning to creep back onto the Netflix charts.

Stealthing its way into Netflix’s top ten over the weekend, The Invisible Man is currently sitting at number eight as horror and thriller fanatics get ready for the spookiest time of the year. Starring The Handmaid’s Tales‘ Elizabeth Moss, it sees her go through a haunting amount of mental torture after she realised her ex-husband may still be haunting her.

Thrilling, horrific, and surprisingly effective, it was good enough for Universal to briefly consider rebooting their universe, and there are still some plans for a follow-up film. Audiences and critics were united in their enjoyment of The Invisible Man, with it sitting at a strong 92 percent approval rating with critics, and 88 percent with audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

Moss in particular grabbed the headlines, with her awfully tortured character almost a fitting parallel to the growing MeToo movement, and a commentary on a society which does not believe women. Horror lurks on our greatest fears, and here it’s the fear of no one believing you, and slowly alienating you for it.

The Invisible Woman is available to stream on Netflix.

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