A Sneaky Cameo Is Unmasked In New Clip From Dumb And Dumber To


Since Anchorman kickstarted the trend of stuffing big-name cameos into every available scene, blockbuster comedies have duly followed suit. Including famous comedians in witty asides has now become somewhat of a tradition that the grandmasters of chuckles, The Farrelly Brothers, are keen to continue in Dumb And Dumber To.

That’s not to say that every famous face wants in on the action. Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly shooting a brief segment for the comedy sequel, under the allusion that should she not want the scene included – it could be removed. As we reported this morning, that’s apparently the case for J-Law, who nixed her contribution to the film for unknown reasons.

However, one popular comic managed to mask his identity beneath the guise of his character’s outfit. Thanks to Yahoo! Movies (via Coming Soon), who unveiled this latest clip, we now know that the unmistakable Bill Murray makes a surprise guest appearance as a Heisenberg-inspired drug baron. The scope of his role only extends to this small sequence, in which Harry and Lloyd return to the former’s apartment where Lloyd is shocked to discover his best pal has sublet half of the abode to a roommate. Murray, busy squirrelling away at a batch of meth, is barely recognisable beneath the hefty protective gear he’s shrouded in. It’s an amusing clip that’s made all the more chucklesome by the antics of Harry’s cat, Butthole.

As Dumb And Dumber To is heading to theatres this weekend, critics have begun to roll out their initial verdicts on the long-gestating follow-up. So far it’s a mixed reception, however, our own Robert Kojder in his review labels it a “worthy sequel,” so it may be worth venturing out for after all.