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A steamy Netflix original toxically titillates the Top 10 in 60 countries

Subscribers have been getting hot under the collar this weekend.

no limit
via Netflix

As the old (and 100 percent accurate) saying goes; sex sells. Sure enough, all it took was a little bit of lust, plenty of romantic tension, and a penchant for steaminess to see Netflix original No Limit become one of the biggest hits on the platform’s global charts since being added to the library this past Friday.

While it may have only reached number one in a solitary country, which was the production’s native France, FlixPatrol reveals that director David M. Rosenthal’s latest feature has nonetheless managed to crack the Top 10 in a further 59 nations, which is good enough to see it rank as the fourth-top title globally behind fellow in-house hits End of the Road, Love in the Villa, and I Came By, all of which inhabit different genres to prove the streamer’s commitment to the cinematic buffet.

no limit
via Netflix

Paris-born actress and model Camille Rowe plays Roxanna, who falls head over heels for Sofiane Zermani’s world champion freediver Pascal. Embarking on a questionable lover/student/mentor relationship, sparks fly in more ways than one as their passionate affair coincides with their shared desire to indulge in a pastime that’s as hair-raising as it is death defying.

Power dynamics and toxicity are two of the main narrative driving forces, so it’s not all about fiery sex scenes and intense eye contact between attractive people, although there is most definitely a lot of that to be found, too. Insecurity can often lead to self-destruction when love is involved, with No Limit throwing a dangerous occupation into the mix in order to add an even greater element of danger.

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