A sun-kissed and sexy action comedy dud seeks a streaming bounty

fool's gold
via Warner Bros.

What happens when you take two beautiful leads, place them against sun-drenched backdrops that require as little clothing as you can get away with in a PG-13 setting, and drop them into an action-packed romantic comedy featuring buried treasure, double-crosses, and a star-studded supporting cast? Based on Fool’s Gold, nothing even approaching a good movie.

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson reunited in an attempt to recapture their sizzling chemistry from beloved rom-com How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but they resolutely failed to rekindle that magic. Instead, the pair coast through a formulaic tale of love, loss, lust, and revenge, with everyone else apparently happy to turn up and collect a paycheck.

fool's gold
via Warner Bros.

Donald Sutherland, Ray Winstone, Kevin Hart, and the rest of the other players are all capable of so much better, but it’s hard to begrudge them the easy opportunity to phone it in against some glamorous locations in a light and fluffy Hollywood caper. Sure enough, Fool’s Gold was a hit at the box office after earning $111 million, but oh boy was it boring.

An 11 percent Rotten Tomatoes score makes it the second worst-reviewed film of McConaughey’s entire career, but the 2008 adventure has been gathering a head of steam on streaming going into the weekend. As per FlixPatrol, Fool’s Gold has been resuscitated by at-home audiences on iTunes, who may end up regretting the call to spend 113 minutes of their time on something so banal.

It’s basically hot people doing hot people things as their abs glisten in the sunlight, but that can admittedly often be exactly what the people want to see.

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