A super-powered family story is enchanting viewers on Disney+

Disney+ subscribers were gifted the early release of Encanto on Christmas Eve. With music by Lin Manuel-Miranda of Hamilton fame, it was sure to be a hit, but its popularity is bigger than anyone could’ve imagined. Fans are talking about the new movie and all its details from plot to music to art – it’s fun for all ages!

Encanto follows the Madrigal family, a family that was gifted a miracle that grants each member a special power. Our protagonist Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal born without a gift and she must work extra hard to prove herself to the head of the family (Abuela). When the candle that holds the miracle begins to flicker, Mirabel takes it on herself to save the miracle and magic by going on an adventure.

Since its release, many fans have taken to social media sites to express their love for the new movie. Tik Tok has been full of cosplays, song covers, dances and more since its release. On Twitter and Youtube, there are memes and videos about the new movie, almost all being positive. This is one of the most popular Disney releases since Frozen in 2013.

With an IMDb rating of 7.8/10, it’s sitting at a solid place, especially considering it has kept the number one spot on Disney+ for the past week in over 40 countries (according to Flix Patrol)! It’s Disney’s first musical to follow a Latine family and is performing incredibly well, which will hopefully lead to more films representing the wide range of people hailing from Latin America and other under-represented parts of the world.

If you haven’t seen Encanto yet, you can watch it now on Disney+!