A Surprise Animated Film Is Ascending In Popularity On Disney Plus

A surprising animated film is taking over Disney Plus this week. Two years after the final film in the trilogy came out, the Descendants franchise continued with a follow-up special that aired on the Disney Channel this past summer. Though it made its streaming debut a month later in many territories, it seems a lot of folks are only just catching up with it as Descendants: The Royal Wedding is ascending, rather than descending, up the charts right now. 

As per the latest stats from Flix PatrolThe Royal Wedding is currently the sixth most popular title on Disney Plus the world over. If you’re somehow not familiar with it, Descendants is set in a world where all the Disney animated movies exist together, focusing on the kids of some of the most notorious villains as they attempt to prove they’re not as bad as their parents. The original straight-to-TV movies star Dove Cameron as Mal, daughter of Maleficent and Hades. 

As Descendants 3 saw Mal get engaged to King Ben (Mitchell Hope), son of Belle and the Beast, The Royal Wedding showcases the big day itself. Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain, and Sarah Jeffrey are among those who lend their voices to the special. Tragically, co-lead Cameron Boyce passed away since the release of the third film, but a touching tribute to him and his character is woven into the narrative.

As well as wrapping up the storyline of the original VKs (Villain Kids), The Royal Wedding also serves as a promise that there’s still more to come, featuring a brief tease at a fourth movie about the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Disney hasn’t officially commissioned anything yet, though, so it’s clearly still early days on that. 

While we wait for Descendants 4, you can stream Descendants: The Royal Wedding on Disney Plus now.