A Tedious Festive Rom-Com Is The #1 Movie On Netflix


As is always the case, any and all enthusiasm for the spooky season gets discarded from the minute the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, with November 1 officially marking the beginning of the festive period for a lot of people.

It looks as though plenty of folks have already blown the dust off their Michael Bublé collection, poured themselves some eggnog and hunkered down in front of a roaring fire, because Netflix’s new Christmastime romantic comedy Love Hard has managed to capture top spot on the most-watched list over the weekend, as per FlixPatrol.

love hard

Nina Dobrev stars as a writer for a dating column, who falls for a man on an app so hard (hence the title) that she travels 3000 miles to surprise him for Christmas. However, when she gets there she discovers that she’s actually been catfished, with Jimmy O. Yang’s nerdy and unassuming lothario Josh greeting her warmly instead.

As coincidence would have it, her actual crush just so happens to live in the same town, and Josh promises to set them up if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend for the holidays. There are absolutely no prizes for guessing how Love Hard turns out in the end, and a 50% Rotten Tomatoes score would hint that it’s every bit as mundane and formulaic as the synopsis would suggest.