A Terrible Non-MCU Marvel Movie Just Left Disney Plus

A terrible non-MCU Marvel movie just left Disney Plus. This October 1st saw a bunch of 20th Century Fox films removed from the Mouse House’s streaming service. As Disney doesn’t reveal which titles are leaving its platform ahead of time, it only becomes clear what’s gone when things suddenly disappear from the service. In this case, 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine has left D+.

As per What’s On Disney Plus, Hugh Jackman’s first solo movie as the fan-favorite X-Men member is no longer available to stream on Disney Plus in the United States. As with the other Fox titles that were just taken down, its removal is to do with pre-existing licensing agreements with other platforms that were established before Disney purchased Fox. These generally only affect the US, so Origins is still available in many other territories, like Canada and the UK. Eventually, though, it will return to D+ Stateside, too.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine reveals how Logan became the adamantium-coated anti-hero we all know and love, exploring the backstory established in 2004’s X2 – his tenure as part of William Stryker’s Weapon X program. Danny Huston takes over as Stryker from Brian Cox, with the cast also including Will.i.am, Lynn Collins Dominic Monaghan and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. The best supporting players, though, are Liev Schreiber as Logan’s half-brother turned nemesis Sabretooth and Ryan Reynolds making his debut as Wade Wilson.

As every fan knows, however, Gavin Hood’s film butchered the Deadpool side of his character, with Reynolds eventually getting to right that wrong with 2016’s Deadpool – its 2018 sequel memorably featured a flashback to Origins, in which the Merc with the Mouth murders his alternate self from the prequel movie.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is hardly the finest entry in the X-Men franchise, then – in fact, it’s probably the worst – but completists will still no doubt be miffed that it’s now vanished from Disney Plus.