A time-bending mistake in Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ is going viral

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Marvel fans are some of the most eagle-eyed on the planet, and they’ve noticed something kind of hilarious about Black Widow.

The film premiered in July of this year, unveiling much about the Natasha Romanoff story, in which she must face her sometimes dark and painful past even while fighting a real and present threat. It carries a lot of weight as viewers find out more about her past within the MCU and how it made her the hero she became — the one who sacrificed her life for one of her best friends and countless others she would never meet.

While the movie itself isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there’s a specific scene that brings a lot of comedic relief to viewers around the globe. It wasn’t exactly comedic relief in the film, but it will undoubtedly be once you read this thread.

It’s one of those things that you might miss when you blink, but a 7-year-old certainly didn’t let it past them. When a Reddit user pointed out a misstep within Black Widow, he noted that his daughter is the reason he noticed the discrepancy in the first place — thanks to the endless hours of watching My Little Pony and the toys his daughter has accrued.

Here’s what Marvel fans are saying about Black Widow and other MCU projects such as Hawkeye and Avengers: Endgame too.

(Fans might know exactly which wizard is responsible.)

Is this an excellent place to use the phrase, “They really dropped the ball on that one?”

Some commenters went deep with their MLP knowledge.

And one fan went really far in proclaiming MLP allegiance.

That brought up another discrepancy that at least one fan noted in Avengers: Endgame.

And one fan noted other various discrepancies …

One fan had a Captain America theory that surely no one can be mad at.

If it wasn’t Steve, we’ll just blame it on the multiverse and call it a day.

Did you notice the My Little Pony toy in Black Widow? Could you tell it was a recent toy instead of one that made sense in the timeline? Let’s talk about it.