A Violent X-Men Film Is Taking Over Hulu Right Now

X-23 Logan

For many of the films in the X-Men catalog, streaming has been a place to find new life. While this film may not be as old or forgotten as others, one of the final X-Men productions released under the Fox banner⏤Logan⏤is dominating Hulu right now.

The film is one of the more graphic within the X-Men roster, with its only real competition coming from the fellow R-rated Deadpool and Deadpool 2, but unlike these films, Logan boasts a serious and at times somber tone. The film also sees Hugh Jackman return to the iconic role of Wolverine for what may be the final time.

After seeing Wolverine’s progression throughout the main X-Men series, this film follows an older Logan as he deals with the ailments of his past, the downfall of the X-Men, and the continuing war against mutants.

Logan is set on saving up money so that he and Charles Xavier, played once again by Patrick Stewart, can head out on the open seas to live out the rest of their days. This plan changes when a young mutant emerges who seems to have a distinct connection to Logan.

Logan does a great job of not only merging great fighting scenes with striking violence but also telling a story that makes you care for the characters, leading to plenty of heart-clenching moments.

Whether you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman, the X-Men, or are just looking for a superhero movie to check out, don’t look past Logan, available to stream right now on Hulu.