A viral tweet sparks debate over how long movies should be

tom hardy venom let there be carnage

There are obviously no rules as to how long a motion picture has to be, but history has decreed the average to be somewhere around the 120-minute mark. Obviously, things often fluctuate wildly in either direction, but if you asked somebody the incredibly vague question of “how long is a film?”, they’re highly likely to say two hours.

Obviously, when you’ve got the 77 minutes of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride existing in the same medium as Hungary’s 1964 butt-number Sátántangó, which runs for a mind-boggling 439, then it’s as close to impossible as it gets to reach a definitive conclusion.

However, one viral tweet has exploded on social media after refusing to accept any criticism that comes with stating no movie should realistically stretch any further than an hour and a half. As you can imagine, the responses and replies have gotten pretty heated.

97-minute Venom: Let There Be Carnage hauled in $500 million at the box office and went down a storm with fans this year, while Zack Snyder’s 242-minute Justice League was arguably the most talked-about feature of 2021. Spider-Man: No Way Home is somewhere in the middle at 150 or so, but this is one debate that’s never going to reach a peaceful resolution.