A war story so bizarre it could only be true cracks the code to the Netflix Top 10


The war movie has proven to be one of the most reliably popular genres on Netflix, whether we’re talking about action-packed epics or harrowing dramas, but none of them are as bizarre as Operation Mincemeat, which weaves a tale so fantastical that you’d scarcely even believe it was true.

Unfolding in 1943, veteran filmmaker John Madden’s latest tells the incredible tale of how the British conspired to trick the Nazis into believing an invasion of Greece was imminent by planting false documents on a dead body and having it wash ashore in a location where it would easily be discovered by the enemy.

Given the levels of subterfuge on display, it’s even more remarkable that future James Bond creator Ian Fleming was one of the key players in the scheme, but that barely even scratches the surface of the left-field ingenuity on display. For film required to juggle so many disparate genre strands at one time, it’s an impressive feat that Operation Mincemeat manages to pull it off.

operation mincemeat

As well as landing an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 85 percent, the wartime dramatic thriller with elements of comedy and romance has also been storming the Netflix charts. As per FlixPatrol, Operation Mincemeat is currently the 10th most-watched title on the platform after being sent straight to streaming internationally, and it’s even managed to secure second spot in the United States.

A gripping old-fashioned adventure boasting a talented ensemble cast on top form, it’s no surprise that Netflix subscribers have found themselves instantly enraptured by the narrative.

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