A Will Ferrell Comedy Classic Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell experienced great success playing variations of the screaming man-child two decades ago, and he’s essentially played further extensions of that exact same archetype ever since. Of course, it’s brought him great success and turned him into one of the industry’s biggest comedy stars, but it’d be nice to see him mix it up every now and again. Or even just once, for that matter.

The actor arguably did his best work alongside regular collaborator Adam McKay, with Anchorman puncturing the cultural lexicon in a major way back in 2004, where you could barely turn around without hearing people yelling Ron Burgundy or Brick Tamland quotes at each other.

step brothers

However, a lot of people are of the opinion that the Ferrell/McKay formula was perfected in Step Brothers, which remains one of the most popular studio comedies of the 21st Century. In hindsight, throwing John C. Reilly into the mix was a masterstroke, with the titular siblings by marriage opposing each other at every turn.

If you’re not a fan of Ferrell’s shtick then your mileage will definitely vary, but his fans absolutely love it. That sequel probably isn’t going to ever end up happening, though, but the good news is that Step Brothers is now streaming on Netflix so subscribers can revisit it for the first, fifth, tenth, fiftieth or hundredth time.