A24’s As-Yet-Untitled Sci-Fi Thriller Unveils Ambiguous First Teaser


Never underestimate the gravity of a teaser trailer. In this current age of information overload, first impressions are everything – particularly online – which often leads to Hollywood studios competing for mindshare in a variety of different ways. But sometimes bigger isn’t always the answer. To pique curiosity – to truly spark conversation – that reel of footage simply needs to leave a lasting impression on its audience, as they pour over each and every frame hunting for clues.

One studio that has adopted the ol’ less-is-more approach is A24, who today rolled out an ambiguous teaser trailer for…well, we don’t quite know. Without a title or release date to call its own, A24’s mystery sci-fi project is currently shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy. Assuming it’s designed to advertise an upcoming feature film – and not an intriguing short or some form of thought experiment – the mesmerizing promo takes us through a series of vignettes overlaid with text. It’s all terribly vague, but the snippets include Beyond Reality, Realize Feeling, Feel Bare, Bear Witness, Witness Change, Change Identity, Identity Questions, Question Life, and Live Beyond.

Themes of birth, artificial intelligence, mass surveillance and VR are littered throughout, and perhaps more than anything else, A24’s mystery project ought to interest fans of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series. Nevertheless, although it doesn’t feature the Statue of Liberty’s head careening down a bustling New York street, the studio’s sci-fi pic has our attention.

Currently labeled ‘Untitled’ on the studio’s official YouTube page, we’ll be keeping an eye on A24‘s mystery title as time wears on. For now, be sure to drop your own early impressions down below.