Aaron Eckhart Copes With Monstrosity In New I, Frankenstein TV Spot


It’s not easy being an undead monster, even if you’re the most remarkably handsome undead monster since Dracula got a makeover. At least, that’s what this new TV spot for I, Frankenstein tells us, as we see Aaron Eckhart coping with his imperfect handsomeness by punching gargoyles in the face.

I, Frankenstein is shaping up to be the Van Helsing of 2014, if anyone remembers that fascinating slice of bad action. In the film, Eckhart plays Adam, Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation, who has to deal with the fact that he’s not as fabulously good-looking as he might have been. He faces an apocalyptic scenario in an ancient city where demons and gargoyles are battling it out for supremacy. The film seems to be mixing together some elements of the original Frankenstein story (mostly the name) and the ancient battles that the creators of Underworld are so well known for. There are demons, gargoyles and Bill Nighy. What more can you possibly ask for?

This latest TV spot gives us nothing that the trailer did not, but at least we get to see that gargoyle punch one more time. Eckhart looks pretty good for a monster made out of corpses, too. His voiceover proclaims that he’s “his father’s son.” This, coupled with the biblical overtones of demons and the monster’s moniker of “Adam,” makes it pretty obvious that I, Frankenstein is going for some none-too-subtle Genesis parallels. I have a feeling this film is not going to be all that deep, though.

I, Frankenstein will hit theatres in January, which means that it’s likely to suffer from post-Christmas cinematic malaise. Then again, maybe a big dumb action movie is exactly what we’ll want in January. I suppose that’s what I, Frankenstein is banking on.

You can check out the latest TV spot for I, Frankenstein below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.