Aaron Paul To Co-Star In Supernatural Fantasy Adaptation The 9th Life Of Louis Drax


After leaving Breaking Bad on a screeching high, peeling out of a parking lot and straight onto the backstreets for Need For Speed, Aaron Paul’s career choices continued to cement him as one cool bitch.

Today, THR is reporting that the three-time Emmy award winner has signed on to co-star in supernatural fantasy, The 9th Life Of Louis Drax. The film is based on the best-seller by Liz Jensen, and begins on Louis’s 9th birthday. Following a childhood of close scrapes, the boy suffers a near-fatal accident that lands him in the office of clinician, Dr. Allan Pascal.

Paul will star alongside Fifty Shades Of Grey heartthrob Jamie Dornan as “the titular character’s father, who becomes the target of a criminal investigation when his son suffers a near-fatal accident.” Dornan is signed on to play the doctor who comes to the aid of poor Louis.

With a screenplay by Max Minghella, and Alexandre Aja in the director’s chair – this is turning out to be an intriguing little movie indeed. Elements of the supernatural, a drama, and the fate of a youngster. All this from the chap who helmed High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes and recent Joe Hill adaptation Horns? Sounds good to me!

The 9th Life Of Louis Drax starts shooting next month in Vancouver. Check out the official synopsis below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Louis Drax is a boy like no other. He is brilliant and strange, and every year something violent seems to happen to him. On his ninth birthday, Louis goes on a picnic with his parents and falls off a cliff. The details are shrouded in mystery. Louis’s mother is shell-shocked; his father has vanished. And after some confusion Louis himself, miraculously alive but deep in a coma, arrives at Dr. Pascal Dannachet’s celebrated coma clinic… Full of astonishing twists and turns, this is a masterful tale of the secrets the human mind can hide.