Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie Will Only Have Three Scenes

You may know Aaron Sorkin as “that guy who wrote The West Wing“, or perhaps even as “that guy who wrote several versions of the same show after he wrote The West Wing”. However you know him – and we prefer to do so through his actually remarkable movie The Social Network – Sorkin is one of Hollywood’s hottest writers, and he’s currently working away on his next technology-based sort-of biopic. He did Facebook back in 2010 when that was still cool and running our lives, and now he’s doing Steve Jobs while Apple are still (burning a hole) in all of our pockets. Man of the times.

But talking recently, Sorkin revealed that the currently untitled Steve Jobs movie will take a bizarre structural turn, apparently consisting of “around three 30-minute scenes all set right before three major product launches.” And these scenes will each take place years apart and at different points in which Apple are presumably changing the world. That’d be when the first Mac was launched (1984), the NeXT came out (1997), and when the iPod leapt onto the scene (2001), then.

We’re not exactly sure how this sort of narrative will translate from screenplay to the screen, but you can be sure that Sorkin staples like super self-righteousness and impossibly-well thought out (but spur of the moment) comebacks will inch their way into his writing at every turn. What do you think? Is this sure to be another Aaron Sorkin winner? Do you want to go out and buy an Apple product, just for the hell of it? Just asking. You do have free will, you know.

Source: The Film Stage