Abbie Cornish Will Take Solace With Anthony Hopkins And Colin Farrell

Not too long ago we reported that Colin Farrell had joined the thriller Solace, which also has Anthony Hopkins attached. Now, the actor will be joined by his Seven Psychopaths co-star as Abbie Cornish has signed on for a role in the film. No details on her role have been revealed just yet but when we hear more we’ll let you know.

In development for almost a decade already, the story revolves around “an FBI agent (Farrell) who enlists he help of a retired doctor (Hopkins) with psychic abilities to track down a killer.” Brazilian director Afonso Poyart will be in the director’s chair for the film and production is set to get underway next month.

Though the plot sounds a bit generic, I do like the cast that’s being assembled here. Farrell is usually solid in the thriller genre and Hopkins is stepping into a role that we’ve seen him in many times before. It’s the newest addition to the cast though that has us most excited: Abbie Cornish.

Cornish is kind of on the cusp of breaking out. She’s had some decent exposure in the past few years but despite being very talented and a joy to watch on screen, not to mention absolutely beautiful too, she hasn’t yet made her way onto the A-list. She has a decent sized role in the upcoming RoboCop reboot and hopefully her part here will give her some good material to work with.

Unfortunately, the way it looks now though, we sense that Solace will reduce her to a minor supporting character, likely playing Farrell’s wife or something. We’re hoping that she gets a more meatier role but right now we’re not too optimistic.

Regardless, Solace, as generic and bland as it sounds, has a solid cast behind it and for now, we’re curious as to how it will turn out.