Taylor Lautner’s Abduction Trailer Released

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for Taylor Lautner’s new action/thriller Abduction, online now thanks to MTV. Set for a September 23rd theatrical release, Abduction stars Lautner in his first leading-man role. John Singleton (Four Brothers) directs, and Lily Collins (of upcoming Snow White) co-stars.

Playing a teen who discovers his picture on a missing children website, Lautner finds himself enmeshed in shadowy government secrets from the past that may just get him killed. Collins plays his love interest, and Danny Glover, Sigourney Weaver and Alfred Molina co-star.

Lautner has become a hot Hollywood commodity, due in no small part to his role as hunky werewolf Jacob in the Twilight Saga. But can he carry his very own movie? I guess I’m just wondering if he’ll get shirtless in this movie, and if the eye-candy will be enough to float a sub-standard film? From the looks of the trailer, Lautner will definitely be wrestling, partying, riding a cool motorcycle, kissing a hot girl, running from shady assassin types, and giving manly penetrating gazes into the camera. Whether there’s going to be more to this film than that we can only guess at this point. Check out the trailer yourself and decide if this if going to be the next generation’s Bourne Identity or a shallow vehicle for Lautner’s rise to tweener stardom?

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