According to Twitter meme artists, ‘The Batman’ and ‘Twilight’ have more in common than you think

the batman

You might assume the only thing connecting The Twilight Saga film franchise and Matt Reeves’ The Batman is the main lead Robert Pattinson, but folks on Twitter have found many parallels between the two works, or more specifically, the Caped Crusader and Edward Cullen.

Actors become so method sometimes that they adopt a completely different personality when they’re shooting a particular project. But as immersed as Pattinson was for his role as the latest iteration of Bruce Wayne in live-action, it appears the actor still retained some of his Twilight mannerisms, and they’ve hilariously left a mark on Matt Reeves’ highly acclaimed and successful Dark Knight reboot.

The Batman may have premiered only a few days ago, but the online community is already memeing the film to death. Unsurprisingly, people have been drawing inevitable connections between Edward Cullen and Bruce Wayne, and below you can see some examples that have gone viral on Twitter.

Apparently, both Edward and Bruce are all about looking cool wearing sunglasses.

A handsome 100-year-old vampire, or an orphan vigilante beating the living hell out of criminals at night, falling for a school teenager and a young woman dressed as a cat. Is there really a difference?

It looks as though Pattinson still seethes by grinding his teeth.

Whether he’s a traumatized hero or a stalking vampire with attachment issues, some people can’t help but fall in love with the Twilight alum.

In fact, some folks don’t care all that much about Pattinson donning the Dark Knight costume, because who can compare to Edward Cullen?

Lastly, it appears that Pattinson is still saving people from a car crash, a decade later.

Okay, the two films admittedly have more in common than we originally thought, but let’s pray the similarities end here.

The Batman is currently playing in theaters around the world.

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