The Accountant Director Gavin O’Connor Is Interested In Helming A Warrior Sequel


Gavin O’Connor has a solid track record when it comes to the movies he’s directed, but as we all know, that does’t always translate to big numbers at the box office. That was definitely the case for Warrior back in 2011 after it earned only $14 million in North America on a budget of $25 million.

Critics liked it though and it’s gained a fairly sizeable following in the years since, but talks of a sequel have never really done the rounds. That could be about to change though based on recent comments from O’Connor during the press tour for The Accountant. Whether the interest from audiences is there is hard to say, but here’s what the director said about it possibly happening.

“I’m grateful! I was trying to get that [being authentic] right. When I made that movie, it was still… MMA and UFC and that type of fighting, it just wasn’t as popular as it is today. And that movie, more than any movie I’ve ever made, I have a weird… there’s an amazing following of rabid fans, more than anything I’ve ever done. And I’d say that’s probably my most personal movie. So I’m really grateful and, y’know, maybe we’ll do another one!”

Honestly, that’s pretty vague, but with UFC now more popular than it’s ever been, it could very well find an audience. It would be great to spend some more time with the first movie’s characters too, especially if Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton were to return.

Whether or not it will ever happen remains to be seen, but it would certainly be an interesting next project for O’Connor after releasing both Jane Got a Gun and The Accountant this year. The former also didn’t make a lot of money, but the Ben Affleck-led drama will likely do much bigger business, and that could lead to the filmmaker getting the freedom to make a Warrior sequel.