Adam Devine Set Opposite Alexandra Daddario In When We First Met

adam devine

Adam Devine, whose star has been rising fast with his work on Comedy Central’s Workaholics and in big-screen ventures like this summer’s Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, will co-write and star opposite Alexandra Daddario in romantic comedy When We First Met.

The pic, to be co-written and directed by The DUFF helmer Ari Sandel, will revolve around a man named Noah (Devine), whose bucolic first night with the girl of his dreams goes perfectly but leads only to the dreaded “friendzone.” Three years later, Noah continues to wonder why it never worked out, only to find himself blessed with the ability to travel back in time, Groundhog Day-style, in an attempt to alter that night and win her love.

I’ll watch Daddario, who was great on the first season of True Detective and even somewhat conscious during San Andreas (which is more than I can say for the majority of the performers in that dreck), in anything, though the idea of this premise seems somewhat queasily patronizing (as does the basic idea of “the friendzone” being some hellish place from whence no man can escape).

Regardless, Devine is a talented comic actor, and with this team, perhaps When We First Met could clock in a cut above the usually low-brow rom-com field. Fingers crossed.