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Adam Driver is a sitcom dad in the apocalypse in first ‘White Noise’ trailer

Parenting in the apocalypse is equal parts harrowing and hilarious.

The combined talents of Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, and Noah Baumbach are an unstoppable force, and the surety of our satisfaction, nay, our bliss, from such a union is the accompanying unmovable object.

Indeed, Baumbach is a common denominator for a healthy chunk of both Driver’s and Gerwig’s filmography, and he looks primed to combine the best of both of these worlds with White Noise, an upcoming black comedy film that just dropped a brand new trailer earlier today.

Based on Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel of the same name and starring Driver and Gerwig in the leading roles, White Noise follows the plight of Professor Jack Gladney, a Hitler studies expert, a husband to his wife Babette, and the father of four children. When a train accident pollutes the air in his hometown to uninhabitable levels, Jack is forced to pack up his family and face the aftermath of a harrowing micro-apocalypse and the equally strenuous task of contending with his emotionally erratic family and fellow evacuees. By the looks of its sharp cinematography, dialogue that only Baumbach could dream up, and a score composed by the quintessential Danny Elfman, White Noise seems to have all the tools necessary to combine the mundane and the cosmic into an absolute gem of a film.

Driver and Gerwig are joined by fellow Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle, alongside the likes of Raffey Cassidy, André Benjamin, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Lars Eidinger.

White Noise will begin a limited theatrical run on Nov. 25 before releasing to its permanent home on Netflix on December 30.

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