Adam Driver Says Rian Johnson Is Cooking Up A “Really Great” Script For Star Wars: Episode VIII


It’s a screenplay seemingly good enough to evoke a pang of regret in J.J. Abrams for passing up the chance to direct and now, as Star Wars: Episode VIII production marches on, Adam Driver has discussed the “really great” script underpinning Disney’s 2017 sequel.

Word comes by way of Entertainment Weekly, who quizzed the Girls actor about the ways in which Episode VIII will differ from box office behemoth The Force Awakens.


According to Driver, the trailblazing success of The Force Awakens has eased the pressure on both cast and crew, citing that “a lot of that anxiety” that comes with relaunching a dormant IP is effectively gone. Stepping up to the plate in Abrams’ absence – granted, he’ll remain attached as a producer and creative advisor – is Looper filmmaker Rian Johnson, who is ready to bring his own stylistic tendencies to Disney’s galaxy far, far away.

Per EW:

“Their temperaments are different,” Driver said. “I feel like there was so many moving pieces in the first one — just trying to solve it and set the vocabulary for what it was. There’s a lot of that anxiety is gone, because people have developed a language. I think it’s more of a testament to Rian coming into something very established and making it [his own]. I can’t wait to get on set, just because he’s so unassuming and intelligent and approachable. The script they’ve come up with is really great.”

Now that Starkiller Base has been blown to kingdom come, Episode VIII will pick up at a time when both Kylo Ren and the First Order are a shell of their former selves. But make no mistake, Ren and Snoke’s totalitarian power are still at war with the Resistance: “They’re still at war. It’s still ‘Star Wars,’” Driver joked. “They’re not at peace.”

Star Wars: Episode VIII is due to launch into theaters on December 17, 2017. The Force Awakens, on the other hand, is on the verge of its DVD and Blu-ray release, with a recent deleted scene reminding us that Abrams’ space opera will release on April 5.