Kylo Ren’s Journey In Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Be “Unexpected”


Adam Driver, the man behind the Star Wars franchise’s latest big bad, Kylo Ren, has briefly teased what his character’s journey will be like in The Last Jedi.

In a short chat with Sunday Today, the actor hinted that things may not play out the way we’d think. When asked if fans will enjoy what happens with Kylo in the filmhe simply responded by saying, “God, I hope. I hope they will. I think it will be hopefully unexpected.”

Driver, who’s by now well-versed in watching what he says in interviews, obviously didn’t let much slip out here, but the use of the word “unexpected” is an intriguing one. After all, in The Force Awakenswe learned that Kylo Ren was really Ben Solo, the son of Han and Leia, who had been corrupted by Supreme Leader Snoke into joining the Dark Side.

As he’s shown to be much more emotional and volatile than his grandpappy Darth Vader, he could still potentially turn back to the path of the Jedi. Though, admittedly, killing his dad wasn’t a mark in the plus column. Given his somewhat conflicted character, then, it’s hard to read too much into what would be “unexpected” about Kylo’s journey in The Last Jedi. Is it more expected for him to stay a villain, or to switch sides? Time will tell.

Kylo isn’t the only character who will be taken in an unexpected direction in the upcoming Episode VIII, either. As has been discussed at length, Luke Skywalker will be a very different person from when we last saw him in Return of the Jedi. With his newfound belief that the Jedi need to end, it’s totally possible that him and Kylo Ren could switch places, with Skywalker following in his daddy’s footsteps and heading over to the Dark Side.

Unfortunately, all we can say for sure right now is that you should expect the unexpected when Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives on December 15th.

Source: Sunday Today