Adam McKay Turns Down Ant-Man


The Ant-Man saga continues today as THR is reporting that director Adam McKay has turned down Marvel’s offer to helm the film. If you recall, Edgar Wright departed last week, which caused quite the commotion. For the past few days we had been hearing that everyone from James Gunn to Marvel Co-President Louis D’Esposito might take his place.

Then, yesterday, it was reported that the studio had their eye on three men: Adam McKay, Rawson Thurber and Ruben Fleischer. Shortly after, news emerged that pointed towards Thurber being the frontrunner. However, only hours later we heard that McKay had been offered the job. Now, this morning, THR is reporting that the Anchorman director has turned it down and that Marvel is still searching for someone to replace Wright.

Still with us? Good.

There was no real reason given for why McKay decided against taking the job, but the decision is said to be his and his alone. We’re guessing that he didn’t want to get involved with what is quickly becoming a big mess for Marvel. And honestly, we don’t blame him. Whoever comes in to direct this film is going to have their hands full and despite it being a Marvel movie, it’s not the most desirable project to be working on at the moment.

Currently, we have no word on who the studio is going after, but we imagine that they’re looking towards either Fleischer or Thurber. Or, perhaps, they’re going in a different direction. Regardless, Marvel needs to make a decision soon if they hope to hit their July 17th, 2015 release date, so I imagine it won’t be long before they settle on someone.

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Source: THR