Watch: ‘The Adam Project’ promo brings in a time travel expert


Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy’s The Adam Project is now available on Netflix, and to mark the release (and daylight-saving time), Reynolds and co-star Mark Ruffalo released a special PSA with a legendary time travelling doctor.

In a video shared today on his Twitter account, Reynolds joked about making sure no one misses the movie he and Ruffalo made, before Ruffalo reminds him there are no showtimes. Reynolds then promises a PSA as epic as the film — currently at 69 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — and then, Christopher Lloyd himself, aka Dr. Emmett Brown, appears.

Lloyd is bathed in a blue light as atmospheric smoke billows behind him, is billed as a “time expert,” and joked about his age while taking a surprisingly philosophical direction about life and how we ultimately pass through it.

“I know about time. I am 83 years old. To me, the years seem like minutes and I do not dwell in memories because life is about moving forward. Not just into the future, into the unknown. This weekend we will lose an hour, but maybe we will gain some perspective. So, as we leap ahead to whatever life holds, let us grab hands and be brave. Because despite what movies have taught us, we can’t go back.”

The piece then ends with Reynolds and Ruffalo expressing humorous, but genuine awe to see Lloyd in person in the wake of his storied career across franchises like Back to the Future, AND work like The Tender Bar. Finally, we get treated to the Netflix logo, before Reynolds closes with comments many are expressing about daylight saving time.

“I still think daylight savings time is so stupid.”

The Adam Project is rated PG-13.