Adam Sandler Called Jim Carrey In The Middle Of Sonic The Hedgehog To Tell Him He Loved It

Jim Carrey Sonic the Hedgehog

One thing almost every movie fan can agree on is that people should stay off their phones when they’re at the theater. Whether it be the brightness of a screen illuminating everyone around them, the desire to check social media at the expense of what’s happening on the screen or somebody answering a call in the middle of a packed house, it can often end up ruining the theatrical experience for many paying customers.

Apparently, Adam Sandler didn’t get the memo because the actor revealed in a recent interview that when he took a trip to the movies with his family to catch Sonic the Hedgehog, he ended up calling Jim Carrey right there and then to let him know how much he was enjoying the rubber-faced funnyman’s performance as the scenery-chewing Doctor Robotnik.

“I called Carrey from the theater. I was telling him how funny he was while it was going on. I didn’t know it would be the last movie I ever saw at a movie theater. People were spread out. There were only a few of us in the theater, and I was laughing very loud. The people behind us were laughing, too. So I think out last big night out was Sonic.”

Audiences generally tend to disapprove of other patrons making phone-calls in the middle of a movie, even if the person in question is a famous actor with a reported net worth of almost half a billion dollars that just happens to have the star on speed-dial and decides to let him know in real-time how much of a good job he’s doing. Maybe Sandler just forgot the protocol given that the vast majority of his output goes straight to streaming these days?

Questionable theater etiquette aside, Sandler wasn’t wrong, because Carrey was easily Sonic the Hedgehog‘s standout performer in a cast full of bland and formulaic characters, with his manic turn as Robotnik reminiscent of his mid-90s heyday as one of the world’s most popular movie stars. And based on the post-credits scene, all signs point to his return in the sequel being even more over the top.