Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Movie The Do-Over Releases Bizarre First Trailer


Keeping the proverbial foot pressed firmly on the pedal, Netflix has unveiled the latest Adam Sandler-fronted actioner on its way to the streaming service, a mere three months after the much-derided Ridiculous 6.

Entitled The Do-Over, Sandler’s latest creative effort has been pegged for launch on May 27. Starring opposite David Spade is Sandler’s bumbling bank manager, who finds his life “turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.”

Sporting new identities with a fresh outlook on life to boot, what follows is a sleazy sizzle reel of low-key action shootouts and scantily-clad women. It’s by no means a trailer to win over the Sandler naysayers, particularly when you factor in the critical panning directed at Ridiculous 6, but we’ll reserve final judgement until we lay eyes on a full-length trailer.

Joining Spade and Sandler on their sun-kissed escapades are Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Luis Guzman, Michael Chiklis, Sean Astin of 50 First Dates, Catherine Bell, Natasha Leggero and Nick Swardson. Frequent Sandler collaborator Steven Brill (Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds) is behind the lens.

The Do-Over will make its bow on May 27 which, incidentally, is also the same day Netflix subscribers can look forward to Bloodline season 2.