Adam Shankman In Talks For Enchanted Sequel Disenchanted


It’s a real fairytale match: the sequel to the 2007 hit Enchanted has landed director Adam Shankman. It’s being reported that Shankman is now in negotiations to direct Disenchanted, which will have Amy Adams reprising her role as a fairytale princess who lands in the real world.

Disenchanted picks up ten years after the events of the first film. Princess Giselle (Adams) finds herself questioning her happily-ever-after with beau Robert, a New York divorce attorney who becomes her dream prince in the first film. Giselle’s doubts are supposed to accidentally trigger events that will have serious repercussions in the real world as well as the fairy-tale kingdom of Andalasia.

It’s hardly a surprise that Enchanted has garnered a sequel – it was one of the most successful films of 2007, and actually quite groundbreaking in its way. What’s surprising is that it has taken this long to get a sequel off the ground. In the nearly ten years since the original released, Amy Adams has become a major star and Patrick Dempsey…well, he was in Bridget Jones’s Baby.

One of the best things about the original Enchanted was that it provided a happy ending while still dealing with the more realistic elements of love and romance in the modern world. Giselle’s growth was less about finding a good man and more about discovering that you don’t always have to be a happy-go-lucky princess who only sees the good in people in order to be truly happy. Disenchanted has the chance to carry on that narrative, or to completely undermine the meaning of the original.

Shankman is a dependable musical director, though, so we can hope that he’ll produce an enjoyable sequel with Disenchanted. What’s more, him being on board means that perhaps cameras will actually get rolling on the film. We’ll certainly keep an eye out for this one.