Fan-Made Poster Imagines Addams Family Reboot With Oscar Isaac And Eva Green

A movie reboot of The Addams Family has long been in the works. For years, the plan was for Tim Burton – natch – to direct a stop-motion film featuring the ooky, kooky brood. However, once he vacated the project back in 2014, things stalled. Word has it, though, that it’s being reignited as a CGI flick from MGM. Conrad Vernon, the co-director of the R-rated Sausage Party, is set to helm, working off a script from Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House).

While that’s all well and good, the internet still has its heart set on a live-action movie. Social media users have even collectively agreed on the perfect actors to resurrect Gomez and Morticia: Oscar Isaac and Eva Green. The idea has been doing the rounds online for a while, but now, Boss Logic has set his digital art skills into imagining what such a film would look like, and we’ve gotta say, he’s absolutely nailed it once again.

You can see why everyone wants this to happen so much. Oscar Isaac has every bit the suave, mustachioed charm that the likes of John Astin and Raoul Julia previously embodied. Likewise, Eva Green has the gothic beauty required to play Morticia. See: past portrayals from Carolyn Jones and Angelica Huston.

This isn’t the first time that someone has imagined what an Isaac/Green Addams Family reboot would be like, either. YouTube user Bertha created a fan-made trailer last year for a Netflix version (see below). Alongside Gomez and Morticia, it had Penny Dreadful‘s Rory Kinnear as Uncle Fester and Michael Shannon as Lurch. It was so convincing that many even got their hopes up that it was for a genuine upcoming production.

A live-action Addams Family last hit cinemas a whole 25 years ago, with 1993’s Addams Family ValuesIt’s high time, then, that they returned to brighten darken the big screen, don’t you think?