Adria Petty Directing Hoarding Horror Film

Has anyone else watched the reality TV show Hoarders and wished for a not-so-freak accident in which one of the giant mountains of crap a hoarder obsessively builds up around himself suddenly collapses and crushes him to death? If you’ve found yourself wishing that, you’re sick. But also, you might just be in luck. According to Deadline, Adria Petty is making a new horror/thriller called Suffocate. Apparently, a psychopathic hoarder (isn’t that redundant?) has transformed his brownstone into a death trap. A scrappy group of city workers must enter the condemned space and thwart the evil booby-traps of the OCD killer to survive.

Hmmm…while I applaud the fresh idea, it just sounds ridiculous. Does a hoarder really even need to set booby-traps? I mean the mountains of debris, newspaper clippings, old magazines, clothes, plastic pink flamingoes, coffee can lids and odd pieces of broken furniture don’t pose enough of a risk to someone who hasn’t memorized the exact path to cross a room (step on the microwave, then the stack of old textbooks, hop on one leg to the pile of mop heads, and then slide over the rotting banana peels into the kitchen…or the two square feet that remains usable in the kitchen)?

Petty, director of Paris Hilton documentary Paris, Not France, is branching out artistically. The daughter of Tom Petty, she has been making a name for herself recently shooting some high profile commercials and music videos. Suffocate will be her first narrative feature film. Ben Olson wrote the script that Petty will direct for Radar Pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing this one, if just for a good laugh.

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