Adrien Brody Will Rule In Emperor


Academy Award winner Adrien Brody has committed to the lead role in Lee Tamahori’s upcoming period drama, Emperor, according to announcements by Corsan World Sales – the international film finance, production and sales company, who packaged the project for the Cannes Film Festival this year.

The script – featuring the work of Michael Thomas (The Devil’s Double) and Jeffrey Hatcher (The Duchess) – centres on Emperor Charles V, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 – 1556. The production is described as presenting a view of a debauched world of manipulation, sex, wealth and treason. In a statement accompanying the announcement, Brody explained that he was keen to be involved:

“I have long admired Lee’s work, and [been] a fan since he blew me away with Once Were Warriors. The gritty and complex nature of his films, and the characters within them, haunt me to this day. When Lee approached me to play the role of Charles V – a man with great power, and greater flaws, whose demons took his empire to the brink – I felt compelled to accept the challenge. I am also pleased to have the opportunity to work with Paul [Breuls, founder of Corsan] and Corsan again, after the great, creative experience we shared together on Third Person [a drama written and directed by Paul Haggis, due for release on June 27 2014].”

For his part, Corsan founder and film producer Paul Breuls is also keen to get to work on the movie:

“With Adrien and Lee Tamahori in place, we are attracting a very talented group of American and international actors – who we will announce shortly – for this sweeping film that will have worldwide appeal.”

With its shooting schedule commencing in August 2014, across locations including Belgium and the Czech Republic, we can expect to hear more casting announcements very soon. As it stands, however, Emperor is certainly an intriguing prospect, now that it has the hugely talented and always watchable Adrien Brody in the lead. Hopefully, with a powerhouse performance as its driving force, the film will be elevated beyond a pitch that currently sounds very much like ‘The Tudors for the big screen’. Whether that can be achieved in the finished film, remains to be seen.

Source: The Wrap