After Halloween Kills, ‘We’ve Got Ten More’ Films On The Way, Producer Quips

Fans of the Halloween movie franchise know that the path through the 11 movies so far isn’t an entirely linear one. There are brilliant minds behind the various films, stories that fit closely with one together, movies with a life of their own, and even a film without Myers at all. 

One of the minds behind Myers is Malek Akkad, who recently had an interview with Bloody Disgusting where he discussed everything from delaying Halloween Kills to where Myers could go after this Blumhouse trilogy. 

Of course, one of the questions asked was how many Halloween films fans can expect in the future. That brought Akkad to a wonderfully personal and funny bit of conversation where he got to reflect upon his father’s legacy and the vision he had for Halloween.

“Having said all that, I don’t know if I answered your question about the future. I mean, the thing is, I like to quote my dad, who was quoting Donald Pleasence. They asked him, ‘Donald, how many of these are going to make?’ Donald Pleasance laughed and said, ‘I’m going to stop at 22.’

He went on to say that his dad liked to use that quote and that Halloween Kills makes twelve movies, so it looks like they’ve got ten left on their roster.

“My dad always liked to use that quote. I guess [Halloween Kills] is twelve, and if we go by that quote, we’ve got ten more. Or other versions, other iterations, other fun things that we can do. But really, right now, the focus truly is…we haven’t thought past the David Gordon Green trilogy. We are so excited about this new one, but in the back of everybody’s mind is, ‘Hey, as soon as this one comes out, we’ve got to get back together and do a third one that’s on the same level.'”

We think fans of Myers will be absoultey thrilled to sit through more films with the iconic slasher’s storyline. Would you like to see ten more Halloween films starring Michael Myers? Let’s talk about it.