Aidan Gillen To Play Main Villain In The Maze Runner Sequel, The Scorch Trials

aiden gillen game of thrones

Aidan Gillen has proven he’s worth far more than a brief offing from Bane in the opening of The Dark Knight Rises. Having found success in the UK on the original Queer As Folk, he’s since become synonymous with further conniving antics for HBO. As Game Of Thrones‘ duplicitous meddler, Littlefinger, Gillen has mastered the art of being a total sod while still acquiring a loyal fanbase. If he’s eager to be typecast as a baddie, he’s going about the right way – the actor has now signed on to star in The Scorch Trials.

Gillen is attached to play the story’s lead villain, Janson, who’s also referred to as Rat-Man. The Scorch Trials will continue on from where The Maze Runner left off, adapting the second novel in James Dashner’s best-selling trilogy. The story sees the surviving teens on the run after escaping the maze. Apparently, Janson only makes a brief appearance in the second novel but makes more of an impact in the third book, which will likely be adapted should the second film fare well. It’s not known if Gillen has signed on for a third, but if he brings his villainous A-game, we can but hope.

The Scorch Trials opens on September 18th, 2015.