Air Force One Sequel Air Force Two In Development, Harrison Ford Returning

Air Force One

Here’s some unexpected news: a sequel to the 1997 action film Air Force One is in development, entitled Air Force Two. The project will apparently see Harrison Ford returning to the role of US President James Marshall as he once again attempts to rid a plane of terrorists, or so we presume. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson, the original is a fondly remembered action movie mostly famous nowadays for Ford growling “get off my plane” to Gary Oldman’s terrorist leader (and some laughable CGI). So why on earth are they developing a sequel now?

Well, if Ford’s reprising his role as Marshall, term limits mean there’s no realistic way he could still be the actual US President. However, perhaps a clue to how his life has developed may be in the title of the film. You see, Air Force Two is the air traffic control name of the aircraft that’s currently carrying the Vice President. And, while it hasn’t happened yet, there’s no explicit rule that a two-time President can’t go on to become Vice President in a new administration.

Air Force One

However, Harrison Ford is currently 77, and he’s still got Indiana Jones 5 to shoot in April 2020. Assuming filming for this takes place after that, it means he’ll be pushing 80 when the pic shoots. With that in mind, I bet we’ll see him in a supporting role with a new lead actor as the US President, perhaps with Ford giving him some words of advice on the best way to rid a plane of terrorist invaders.

But at this point, who knows? Sony Pictures currently controls the rights to Air Force One, so perhaps they’ve decided that audiences are crying out for a dynamic, heroic ass-kicking President, as opposed to an obese, cowardly ass-kissing one? Whatever the case, this intel comes to us from the same sources who told us Marvel was developing a She-Hulk TV show and that Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan, so there’s no reason to doubt it. And as always, we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we learn more.