Alan Dale Joins Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo, Which Could Premiere In Stockholm

It seems like the shooting period for David Fincher‘s big budget remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has lasted forever. Even with 4 months left before it opens, the film is still shooting. And although they may be reshoots (very typical for a blockbuster film), it also seems a little odd that more actors are joining the cast at this late period. None the less, it is happening.

New Zealand actor Alan Dale has joined the film and according to Variety, will play an ageing detective on the verge of retirement. There is no word yet on whether he has replaced another actor or is a late character addition there to deliver some more clarity to the narratively complex story. Either would make sense. With a film on a large scale such as this it isn’t a bad thing that there are reshoots. The Lord of the Rings famously had several big reshooting periods around the time each instalment was released.

Dale is very much a character actor who has done a lot of TV such as The OC, 24, Lost and most recently The Killing. He is a capable actor who in movies, only gets the chance to act in bit parts like this one here.

In more interesting news, the film could have an early debut at the Stockholm Film Festival which begins on November 9th. Of course, this depends on a lot of parties coming together to make it work. Fincher has to get the film done and in the can to his standards.

The studio have very much left him to his own devices on this and you can bet that there will be no rushing him. And despite the runners being optimistic, with the film debuting at the festival way ahead of the December 21st release date, they have to deal with the threat of piracy.

For those asking: why Stockholm? Well the film is set and shot in Sweden, so it is logical really.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will open stateside on December 21st.

Source: The Playlist

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