Alan Rickman fondly remembered as the internet watches ‘Die Hard’ for the holidays

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As Christmas draws near, the internet shares its tidings of comfort and joy as families and friends settle down in their PJs, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and play a Christmas comfort movie. For some, Die Hard is the only choice. The age-old debate returns to tear families apart just in time for the holidays — is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

But make sure that you don’t miss the performances amid all the traditional bickering. Although obviously, Bruce Willis is the most memorable face, the late Alan Rickman plays an equally crucial role.

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Alan Rickman, best known for portraying Severus Snape in the Harry Potter film series, tragically passed away from cancer in January 2016. His loss was devastating to all who knew him, including the film fanatics that admire his phenomenal acting. In Die Hard, Rickman plays Hans Gruber, the ruthless German leader of a nameless terrorist organization. Some say that Rickman “stole” Die Hard from Bruce Willis due to his sheer acting finesse.

On Twitter, “Rickman” is a trending topic as Die Hard fans settle down to relive the Christmas classic all over again in his memory. While some Twitter users are documenting their watching experience as Die Hard replays on televisions all over the world, others are showering Alan Rickman with affection for his unforgettable, scene-stealing role alongside Willis.

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Others brought out footage of the actor discussing the role from the archives.

We Got This Covered speaks for everyone when it says: We miss you, Alan Rickman.