Alex Pettyfer To Join Channing Tatum In Magic Mike

Deadline is telling us current Hollywood ‘IT’ boy, Alex Pettyfer, has been cast in Magic Mike. You may recognize the film as the last movie that Steven Soderbergh will try to sneak into his schedule before he retires. We reported on it a few weeks back and told you that Channing Tatum would be starring and it would be based on his real life experiences.

Pettyfer will play a young male stripper who is tutored by Tatum’s character, an older stripper. So essentially, Pettyfer is playing Tatum, since the character is based on Tatum’s real life experiences. The whole project sounds a bit odd but considering Soderbergh is behind it, it’s a good move for Pettyfer. He needs a hit, especially after the crummy Beastly and I Am Number Four. He was once a top prospect but it seems as if he’s made a couple bad career moves.

The film is looking at a Sept/Oct shoot so expect more casting news soon. But one thing is for sure, with both Pettyfer and Tatum attached, you can be sure this one will draw in a large female audience. Whether the film actually turns out to be any good, well, that remains to be seen.