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Alexa Vega Is All Grown Up In Machete Kills

Hm? Agh! What are you doing little girl from Spy Kids? Seriously! My God! Put some clothes on! Oh, you're 24 years-old now? How did that happen? Well, I suppose it's okay for you to look like that, then. Keep it up.

Heeeey… isn’t that…? Agh! What are you doing little girl from Spy Kids? My God, put some clothes on, won’t you? Oh, you’re 24 years old now? How did that happen? Oh, right. Well, I suppose it’s okay for you to look like that, then. Keep it up.

Just one of many similar reactions that the picture above may provoke from somebody who hasn’t seen little Alexa Vega since she was doing “aw, that girl thinks she’s a grown-up spy” schtick in Spy Kids and its endless stream of sequels. But Vega doesn’t look like she did back then, obviously, because she’s rocking a completely new look that I’m sure her father won’t approve of one bit in Robert Rodriguez‘s upcoming flick Machete Kills.

I mean, Rodriguez has known Vega since she was an actual kid. How did he approach her on this one? “Well, I’ve noticed that you’re not really a kid anymore, Alex, so that’s kind of put a nail in the Spy Kids coffin, ain’t it? I’m making a new movie, though. Would you consider wearing this? Yes. I’m completely serious.”

Vega is set to play a female assassin called Killjoy who will presumably sleep with Danny Trejo’s Machete, because that’s what Machete does. He sleeps with all the women.

Machete Kills is out July 31st 2013.

What do you make of this transformation, then? Does Vega look the part?

Source: Total Film

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