Alexander Skarsgard And Benjamin Walker Competing For Lead In The Great Wall

Alexander Skarsgard and Benjamin Walker are vying for the lead in the upcoming film The Great Wall. The True Blood actor and the newcomer from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter are competing to join the already cast Henry Cavill, the star of the much anticipated Man of Steel.

Deadline is reporting that the Legendary Pictures adventure film will be directed by Ed Zwick, who helmed The Last Samurai, and that it will follow British warriors traveling through 15th Century China who come across the hurried construction of the massive wall. As night falls, the warriors realize that the wall isn’t being built so quickly just to keep out the Mongols, there’s actually something inhuman and more dangerous in the area.

The Great Wall is based on an idea by Legendary CEO Thomas Tull and Max Brooks and will be the first feature for the Hong Kong-based studio Legendary East.