Alexander Skarsgård wants his next role to be a lot easier than ‘The Northman’

It looks like Alexander Skarsgård is ready to let down his hair and take on much lighter roles after smashing through villages and freeing slaves in the upcoming epic historical film, The Northman. Deemed the most important film of his career, Skarsgård underwent rigorous physical training to play the role of Viking warrior Prince Amleth. Now, after giving the role and the film his all, he only wants to take on some easier roles. 

While promoting the film in an interview with The Playlist, the Swedish actor admitted he had been wanting to play a Viking for a very long time, and when asked if he has any other roles or genres he wants to explore, he revealed he’s only after a more relaxed film next. 

“I think I’m done now. This was my swan song! No, I think I’d love to do just a comedy next. Something maybe that takes place on a beach in the south of France, or something. Where I’m wearing lots of comfortable clothes, and tonally, something different. I think that would be the perfect next adventure.”

While he has majorly starred in conventionally dark projects, Skarsgård has also lent his comedic chops to a couple of movies in the past. He previously starred in War on Everyone with Michael Peña, and the romantic comedy, The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Perhaps now is the time for the actor to dive in and fully explore his comedic side. 

While he will eventually find his next perfect role, he will be soon seen leading the charge in Robert Eggers’ The Northman, scheduled for release on April 22. The film follows Skarsgård’s Prince Amleth, on a mission to avenge his father, and save his mother after his uncle commits terrible atrocities against his family. The ensemble cast features Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Björk, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Claes Bang.