Alexandre Aja Being Eyed To Direct A Nightmare On Elm Street Reboot

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The last time A Nightmare on Elm Street was rebooted back in 2010, the results were very underwhelming. Still, there’s been a recent push for the classic 1984 supernatural slasher film to be remade the right way. A potential reimagining of the movie has been on ice for the past few months due to The Conjuring, but now it looks like the ball is finally starting to get rolling, and according to sources close to WGTC, Alexandre Aja is currently among the directors being eyed to helm the flick.

He may not be a household name at this point in his career, but horror savants are very familiar with the Frenchman’s impressive filmography. Aja is the director behind hits such as The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors, Piranha 3DHorns and more. His latest feature Crawl is in theaters now and has received stellar reviews.

This resumé certainly outshines that of Samuel Bayer, who directed the ill-fated 2010 remake. Clearly, those in charge want a more established horror mind to take the reigns this time. Aja certainly has a knack for terrifying audiences and putting him in charge of one of the most frightening franchises of all-time would be a smart move.

Nothing is set of stone as of right now, though, as the studio is also considering other directors, one of whom may end up landing the coveted job instead. Still, it’s definitely good news for fans of the series that a serious filmmaker like Aja is at least being considered to front the project. The director is reportedly interested in the job, too, which makes it sound like he’d take it on if asked.

Details on the reboot are still fuzzy, but the good news is that it seems to be moving in the right direction. Hopefully Aja or someone of his ilk will be put in charge of manning the long-awaited reimagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe this time, it’ll actually be worth waiting for.