Alice Strikes A Badass Pose On New Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Posters


Sony’s Resident Evil franchise is coming to a close with the arrival of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Arriving in January along with Capcom’s much anticipated video game, Resident Evil 7, the film will bring the story of Alice to a close and looks set to do so in electrifying fashion.

Say what you will about Paul W.S. Anderson’s series, but there’s no denying that each instalment has made for some good mindless fun at the theatre. Not to mention that Milla Jovovich kicks some serious ass in the lead role. With each of the films earning decent to respectable numbers at the box office, it’s no surprise that Resident Evil has lasted this long on the silver screen, and we have a feeling that if this instalment performs well too, it may not be the end.


Regardless, for now we’ve got to assume that The Final Chapter will be just that and to help heighten anticipation for the conclusion of Alice’s story, Sony has released two brand new posters today that showcase the character striking a badass pose. Alice may be leaving us, but at least she’ll be going out in style.

Setting aside the super slick, futuristic aesthetic that bled into both Afterlife and 2012’s Retribution, The Final Chapter is out to recapture the bleak apocalyptic look of Resident Evil: Extinction, this time sending Milla Jovovich’s gun-toting heroine back to ground zero itself, Raccoon City. As such, you can expect blood and gore aplenty when Resident Evil: The Final Chapter storms into theaters across the globe on January 27, 2017.